(United States) Aristocratic Cosmetic Case - Navy Blue's

Precio de oferta$149.00 USD

When packing, we'll often do anything we can to save a little space in our suitcase. And while packing lighter is certainly a virtue, accessories that help you take advantage of every inch of space your luggage has to offer can make a major difference. Cotrunkage is all about functional, sustainable cosmetic case that looks beautiful while keeping you organized.

Each case has a slew of compartments, sections and pouches, designed meticulously with details to keep your makeup pieces both secure and protected. Shop the cosmetic case all your favorite celebrities are sure to be scooping up in small or large—then check out some of Cotrunkage to stock it with.

  • 10 inch - 10.3 * 7 * 7 " (26 * 18 *18cm)/2.6lb
  • 15 inch - 13 * 8.3 * 8.3" (33 * 21 *21cm)/3.5lb
尺寸: 10"