Minimalism 3 Pieces Luggage Sets - Light Grey's

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With a muted, stylish grey vintage leather exterior giving way to pops of vibrant pink and red on the interior, our minimalist two-piece luggage set is perfect for those people who love tradition, but still want to add their own contemporary touch to things, too.

And while this vintage luggage set might look as though it came from the Art Deco period, it’s designed with modern techniques and manufacturing methods, so as to withstand all the bumps and knocks that modern travel can throw at it! This leather suitcase set is perfect for the fashion-conscious traveler, coming complete with its very own hat box.

Accented with rose gold clasps, this retro luggage set screams chic, and will have people turning heads in the airport, ferry terminal, or train station. If you love to look good, then why not travel looking good, too?

Size Height Length Width Weight
D.12" 11 12 4 3.1
13" 9 13 5.5 2.4
16" 11.5 15.5 6 3.1
18" 12 18 6.5 3.5
20" 22 13 7.5 8.5
22" 23 13.5 8 9.3
24" 26 14 8.5 10
26" 28 15.5 9 11


Size Height Length Width Weight
D.12" 28 30 10 1.4
13" 22 33 12.5 1.1
16" 29 39.5 15 1.4
18" 30 46 17 1.6
20" 55.5 33 19.5 3.9
22" 58 34 20..5 4.2
24" 66 36 21 4.5
26" 71 39 22 5

All size and weights are approximate, please allow 1-2 cm/in difference.

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TSA-Approved Key Locks

You can travel care-free with your most precious possessions secure. It’s hard not to love the old-school atmosphere that this set offers — with an ageless mood that stands in the modern world.

Detachable Washbag

Large space for makeup and others. Built-in multi-compartments and pockets are designed for messy and scatterd things.

Silent Spinner Wheels

Four highly resilient flexible wheels that are engineered to move smoothly and discreetly across all terrains.

Case Attachment Strap

A small strap for securely attaching your handheld case to the handle of your wheeled telescopic luggage for convenient transport when together on the move.

Removable Straps

Compared with former style of COTRUNKAGE. This one has two removable belt to fix the case. We changed the magnetic buckle to this real strap to make sure it won't be opened by when in transit.